Using Artifacts to Write a Short Story

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An introductory workshop for the novice, this session will assist writers in using common objects as starting points for their short stories.

Participants should bring a pen and a drink/snack for themselves. Laptops and tablets are not recommended for this workshop. The programme is suitable for adults and senior students.

May 11th, 9 am until 12 noon

Nourish Community Hub
16 York Street, Cannington
(12 participants only)

About the Workshop Presenter:

Lucy E.M. Black is an experienced workshop presenter and the author of The Marzipan Fruit Basket, a collection of short stories, as well as Eleanor Courtown, a work of historical fiction. She writes a column for the Pineridge Arts Council called The Writing Room and also writes short stories and freelance articles.

Lucy E.M. Black Author


“Thank you for the enlightening workshop.  It was amazing how an artifact or small object can expand one’s mind and creatively become a story.”

“Awesome workshop.  The starting opening lines were a great help.  Lucy is friendly and very helpful in teaching us about the structure of writing short stories.”

“This was a great workshop! Thank you for teaching us about using an object and creating a story around it. That was my favorite part.  You are precious!”