Class Lessons: Stories of Vulnerable Youth

Book Release October 2024
Launch Party at Blue Heron Books, Uxbridge – Date TBD

Class Lessons: Stories of Vulnerable Youth
By Lucy E.M. Black
Demeter Press $34.95 (200 pages)

Today’s schools are meant to be all things to all people, but can they be? Schools are responsible for socialization, skills development and knowledge acquisition which take place within an institution serving disparate student populations.  Unfortunately, school success is not experienced by all students, especially those for whom chaotic home lives are overwhelming. Schools should provide an important safe haven for students, offering advocacy and wraparound care. Fictionalized to protect the identities of those involved, the narratives between these pages shine a spotlight on the vulnerability of youth, and in particular, young people living in heart-breaking circumstances.  Upholding the work that takes place in schools and embracing those support systems which are shared between school and community is crucial to enacting lasting and positive change. Drawn from the life experiences of a career educator, this collection seeks to highlight a broad range of needs while also reinforcing the way forward through school-community partnerships.