Review: Eleanor Courtown by Lucy E.M. Black

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So touched by this generous review. With thanks to @wordinkltd !

From Carrie Stanton

“I picked up Eleanor Courtown by Lucy E.M. Black @lucyemblack as my read for International Women’s Day. …
📚 The story opens in 1870 with Eleanor Courtown waving off her just-married cousin, Lily, and her husband, from their home in Ireland, as they embark on married life by heading to the new country, Canada. Lily is widowed on the passage and Eleanor secretly leaves Ireland for Canada in search of her cousin.

This is a fish-out-of-water story, as the proper lady Eleanor encounters a very different society than the one she is used to back home. Eleanor faces many obstacles, including the mystery surrounding her cousin Lily and her new husband. How can Eleanor possibly stay in this new Canada long enough to sort it out? What else must Eleanor endure in this land filled with betrayal and questions?

Lucy Black writes in the language of the day, quickly immersing the reader into her perfectly paced story. I am totally swallowed up by the language, the mystery, the characters, and the place. This author knows her history and just how to spin it into engrossing historical fiction. Eleanor Courtown is a compelling, spellbinding read of the highest order, a period piece not to be missed!

A hands-down fantastic read for International Women’s Day or any day! Pick up a copy and get ready to be transported back to 1870’s Canada with Eleanor Courtown and the immensely talented Lucy Black. Remember to surface from the pages, and breathe.”