Press: Fortyninth Shelf – 150 for 150: Canadian Authors Recommend 150 Outstanding Books

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We asked 150 noted Canadian authors to recommend their favourite Canadian book.

The resulting list should give readers—from Canada and around the world—150 different ideas for their next CanLit book. Please use the built-in tools below to comment and to share the list or individual books with friends.

96 Donna Morrissey recommends “The Marzipan Fruit Basket” by Lucy Black

july 01, 2017

I first met Lucy Black’s characters through mentoring her at Humber Collage. Instantly I recognized Black’s talent. Her lost characters, their complexities, their disturbing presence in our midst, all revealed through Lucy Black’s unique voice. When my work-term with her had ended, I could not let go of those stories and continued working with her. The end result is a compilation of exquisite stories, published by Inanna Press, 2017. Pain, loss and despair leads the reader straight to the heart of each character, allowing us to connect with their emotional upheaval, and somehow, evoking us to looking inward into our own lives. And uncomfortably, finding connections with the disconnected that walk amongst us. Perhaps you’ll think me biased, and perhaps I am. And then I find another story in The Marzipan Fruit Basketthat I had not yet seen, and I am taken all over again.

Donna Morrissey is the author of six bestselling novels including Sylvanus Now, Kit’s Law, and most recently The Fortunate Brother.150 for 150: Canadian Authors Recommend 150 Outstanding Books