A new voice in Canadian fiction

Inspired by the people, places and things around her, author Lucy E. M. Black is making her mark in Canadian Literature with two beautifully crafted new books.

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Stella's Carpet Book Cover by Lucy E.M. Black

New Book – Stella’s Carpet
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Lucy E.M. Black’s third work of fiction will be released in Fall, 2021.

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Get to know Lucy

Lucy E.M. Black is an educator who studied creative writing and earned an M.A. in nineteenth-century British fiction.

Lucy is a member of the Writers’ Union of Canada. She has published short stories in Ireland, the UK, the United States and Canada. Black is also the author of a collection of short fiction, The Marzipan Fruit Basket (Inanna Publications, June 2017). Eleanor Courtown, a work of historical fiction, was released by Seraphim Editions in October 2017. She lives with her husband in a small town near Toronto.

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“Lucy Black arrives into the world of Can Lit with this compilation of beautifully written short stories that speak to the heart-felt intimacies of both her characters and her readers.”

—Donna Morrissey, author of The Fortunate Brother

The Marzipan Fruit Basket

The stories in this collection are unified by a sense of dislocation. In each of the pieces, there is an underlying element of disturbance and disharmony. Resolution threads its way through the narratives while the characters struggle to navigate conscious choices and come to terms with new realities.

Eleanor Courtown

The story of a young woman of privilege. When her cousin marries and sails for Canada in the 1870s, Eleanor determines to follow. Having left home in secret, she soon has reason to regret her decision. Friendless in a strange new country, both women fall victim to a brutality that threatens to destroy them.